Advocacy in public relations

Behind every successful organization is a hard working PR and advertising team that works behind the scenes.  Now a few people would argue against this, and debate that the cost of a PR team would take away revenue from the cause behind the advocacy group.  However, PR professionals play a very important role promoting an organizations message.  The potential for this increased revenue is definitely worth the costs of setting up a worthwhile campaign.  Most of the time, a PR group can tailor fit a campaign to a specific group without high costs.  Writers of the book Promoting Issues & Ideas: A Guide to Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations accurately describes this technique in saying that, “An organization needn’t spend a lot of money to have a public relations program, but the less money it has, the more effective its strategies must be.”

Advocacy groups and nonprofits have a variety of different means to promote their message through a strong campaign headed by a Public Relations crew.  The most obvious and cost efficient way of accomplishing this is through the internet.  A website or a blog is a good way to promote a cause across the world with millions of potential viewers.  Online accessibility to a nonprofit or advocacy groups makes it easy for the world to see a client’s cause, and potentially even donate.  A PayPal account can be easily set up so users can donate any form of currency to a cause through this service. 

Creating a blog, such as WordPress, can be free if the group plays its cards right.  For instance, the organization Girls’ Globe operates on WordPress.  This cause is dedicated to promoting women’s rights across the world.  Girls’ Globe’s WordPress lets visitors research more about the organization and its mission, as well as featuring a donation tab that lets visitors donate to the organization.  Cost efficient ways such as this allow nonprofit and advocacy groups to showcase their organization, while removing the high cost that usually comes along with a nonprofit.

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One thought on “Advocacy in public relations

  1. Dear Alex Reinke,
    Thanks for highlighting Girls’ Globe as an example non-profit! Another benefit of working in WordPress is that we can have contributors from around the world, and although we are so far apart, we can work together in a very easy manner every day. Glad you like our site, and we’d be happy to have you back!
    All the best,
    Julia, Founder of Girls’ Globe

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