ArtPrize: Potential for technological advancement

In one of my previous blog posts, I discussed in detail the role that technology plays in ArtPrize. In this post, I will discuss a bit more about the potential techniques that could be applied a bit more thoroughly in order to promote the not only the event as a whole, but individual artists and their creations as well.

One tactic that I would implement would be the utilization of search engines.  This tactic, often referred to as “search engine optimization,” maximizes the potential return for a specific website after searching key related terms.  For instance, a company that has optimized their search engine results will often come up first on a search in popular crawlers such as Google or Bing, and will be relevant to what the user is looking for.  Now, according to Google Trends, search interest for the term “ArtPrize” increases at a very quick rate starting in September, and then slowly decreases after October (Google, “grand rapids artprize”-interest over time). Ideally, an artist would make his or her website even more relevant during these times.  Doing so would allow an artist’s homepage to be considered a “related search” suggestion by a search engine, which would increase publicity and voter interest about an artist and his piece.

Another topic that I discussed was the absence of foursquare check in present at the event.  This seemed to be an issue that had a pretty profound effect on publicity for individual pieces of artwork.  I did a little bit of further research on this topic on foursquare’s help desk, and  I discovered how easy it truly is to create your own check in.  All an artist would have to do is activate an account, tag themselves at their artwork by creating a check in by clicking “add this place” and the check in has been created (foursquare 2012).  The simplicity and ease of use of this website would allow for the artists of ArtPrize to promote themselves with an easy and free tool.

It seems that every year, technology is incorporated more and more into ArtPrize, with this year being no exception.  However, it does still seem that social media and other technological means could be used in a more efficient manner.

Google. (Designer). (2013, October 02). “grand rapids artprize-interest over time [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from

foursquare. (2012). How do i add/create a location?.


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