CAP 105 Final

Task 2: Group logo


Task #3: Photo manipulation

by the "blue thing"

by the “blue thing”

GV wrecking ball/pendulum

GV wrecking ball/pendulum

Little mac Bridge

Little mac Bridge


Task #4: Geo-location services

photo copy photo

Task 5: Internet Culture Memes

photo photo copy photo copy 2

Task 7: Photoshop

photo copy 3

Task 8: GVSU charitable giving report-2013

infographics are located on pages 28-29.  The university has over 15,900 donors this fiscal year.  The university endowment fund is also at an all time high, reaching 88 million dollars.

Task 9: Internet meme

old meme

Recently, a new internet meme has surfaced after a Reddit user posted a picture of his wife from elementary school.  The internet got a hold of it and created a meme called “sixty year old elementary student.”  I think it’s pretty funny, likely because it lines up with my sense of humor.  I’m not usually a huge fan of memes, but the sheer originality and creativity of some of the posts really make me appreciate it.  Although i am not entirely convinced that memes are important to internet culture, I think the fact that they are relevant and allow us to pick fun/appreciate at a specific type of person (good guy greg, scumbag steve, etc.) are a good way to have a laugh.

Task 10: Wrecking Ball

photo copy 4


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